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How to Experience The joy of mindful Living, inspired energy and a deeper engagement with life through a new understanding of your relationship to the spiritual world. 
Download Your FREE copy of ‘Spiritual Experience: Understand & Harness The Power Of The Seven Super States Of Consciousness’ and discover how to unlock your own connection to lasting love, inner-peace, and wisdom.
Inside You’ll Learn:
  • What the true nature of spiritual experience is and why it’s one of the most important insights you will ever have
  • How to awaken the potential within you to choose a life of authentic energy 
  • ​About the seven super states of consciousness: what they mean, how they happen, and how to foster them
  • What the seven super states can tell us about our lives and the world around us
  • ​How to create a balanced lifestyle that feels centered and meaningful
  • ​Insights about ancient traditions and how they experienced and cultivated spiritual connection
Why Am I Giving This Book Away For Free?
This is a time of great challenge and opportunity. After 25 years of helping people through the process of transformation and awakening, it’s clear that people need to better understand their natural capacity for deep connection and spiritual experience. Spiritual experience is the foundation of all profound growth, personal healing, and the root of all spirituality, sacred tradition and sacred practice - but it’s not something only for mystics and masters. Spiritual experience is a natural part of being human!

For too long, access to spiritual experience has been made to appear something rare and special - something only for experts, sages and people with strange unrelatable lives. Spirituality has been clouded by the communities, religions, teachers, and philosophies that attempt to control and organize it to their own benefit and power.

It has never served people who seek "power over" others to share and promote spiritual experiences in a way that truly empowers each and every individual to recognize that we are all having spiritual experiences all the time and that an engaged and informed relationship to these experiences can change a life, or even the world.

This book will take you on an adventure from the simple to the sublime and help you understand what informs the most inspiring teachers, healers and stories of transformation. If you can read this with an open heart and mind, this book can change how you see yourself and the Universe, for the better and for the rest of your life.
Hear From Others Who Have Read The Book

 Very rarely does a book appear with the power to stir the soul; to remind you of what you know in your bones; to inspire you to connect with Spirit
in its many forms. Spiritual Experience is such a book. An authentic spiritual adventure, it is lyrically beautiful, stunningly real, and at the same time, resolutely practical. This is a book to read and to cherish.

- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

The best-selling author of Your Soul’s Compass and It's Not the End of the World

 People everywhere are experiencing a spiritual hunger as never before. Spiritual Experience is a magnificent way of answering this need. This is an elegant, enchanting book. Jonathan Ellerby’s spiritual path has taken him inside many of the world’s great spiritual traditions, which he now shares. If you are ready for growth and transformation in your spiritual life, this book is for you.

- Larry Dossey, M.D.

The best-selling author of Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions

 Spiritual Experience is a reflection of Jonathan’s rare gifts: it is warm- hearted, engaging, and sure to challenge and enhance the way you see yourself and the world. If you are seeking wellness and peace, it’s got what you are look- ing for. This book offers an invaluable perspective that will enrich your life.”

- Mel Zuckerman

Founder of Canyon Ranch Health Resorts

 If you are one of the 90 million Americans who considers themselves ‘spiritual but not religious,’ this book is a must-read. With his accessible and original voice, Jonathan Ellerby eloquently describes his own mystical experiences while shining a bright light onto the path to follow if you wish to have your own.

- Arielle Ford

The best-selling author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction and co-founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle

 Spiritual Experience is an extraordinary book that will bring you to a deep understanding of your spiritual nature, while connecting you with the richness of the world’s cultures and traditions. Dr. Ellerby has the rare ability to take you inside the experience of the mystic and the shaman, while helping you understand how to get there yourself— if you are willing to commit to the journey of a lifetime!

- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

The best-selling author of Yoga, Power, and Spirit and Courageous Dreaming

 Spiritual Experience reads like an invitation directly from the spirit to come explore the many expressions of the Divine. Ellerby is a masterful storyteller in addition to being a fine scholar, and the result is a must-read book.”

- Caroline Myss

The best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Defy Gravity

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Meet The Author, 
Dr. Jonathan Ellerby
Dr. Jonathan Ellerby is uniquely prepared to guide spiritual seekers, leaders and life-long students of life into the next era of human development and global change.

He started studying spirituality and the nature of consciousness with earnest at age 13 with a passionate desire to understand the spontaneous experiences of spiritual states that were common to him at the time. The more he learned the more he started seeing that a profound commitment to a deep spiritual life, mindfulness and self-awareness leads to a healthier, happier life - and that spiritual experience is the key.

He has completed a bachelors honors degree in comparative religion, a masters degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on spirituality and healing, and a doctoral degree in comparative religion with a focus on Indigenous culture, spirituality and healing research.
He has completed and applied many other forms of training from energy work, to chaplaincy, addictions and trauma studies, herbal medicine courses, business consulting, leadership coaching, and much, much more. 

Dr. Jonathan has been able to facilitate, lead, and apply spirituality at work in hospitals, business environments, families, resorts, inner city non-profits, couples, integrative healing and countless other applications. He has collaborated and spoken alongside some of the world’s most respected and popular teachers from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Don Miguel Ruiz to Greg Braden, Jack Canfield and Carolyn Myss. As a consultant and coach, he has guided multinational companies, CEO’s, celebrities, leading resorts, integrative healing clinics, and inner-city communities to innovate and expand while realizing their greatest goals.
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