Learn How To Mindfully Embrace The Joy & Beauty Of Life, Find The Inner Connection To the Wisdom Of Life & Your Own Deepest Spirituality

Explore Your Greatest Capacity For Lasting Love, Wholeness & Spiritual Growth While Creating A Radically New & Heart-Centered Approach To Life


The Live Online 90 Day Spiritual Support & Exploration Group Plus BONUS Offers

FOR ONLY $450!

Discover how to face fear and cultivate grace in times of change & stress with Dr. Jonathan Ellerby

Join a group of like-minded individuals in a 90-day deep exploration of mindfulness, love, connection, and conscious living in the context of challenging times of loss, distress and change.

Do you find yourself feeling disconnected from yourself or overwhelmed with life?

Are you feeling overloaded with too much tech and too much information coming at you every day?

Do you feel despair about the world and 
the current situation?

Or maybe you sense the time has come to embrace your own fullness and light?

Do you resonate with the words...


Has life gotten to the point where it feels like you are constantly “switched-on” and reacting to what the world wants from you, instead of honoring your personal truth?


Maybe you just don’t feel whole anymore or like yourself? Maybe you are simply looking for a fuller experience of self and soul in daily life?


Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or extremely stressed out by life? You might have all the right pieces, but never in the right order?


Do you feel like everything is just too much, too often? You’d love a greater source of energy that doesn’t leave you feeling drained. You want a connection to your Source that brings joy and power to every day.


You want to live with full engagement of each moment and the self-awareness to make choices and communicate with intention.


You have done great work on yourself, you have studied and practiced many paths, and you even have a strong connection with your Spiritual Life, but it still feels like your next great evolution escapes you.

Too much feeling stuck, not enough feeling Flow?

The truth is that there are so many of us out there who feel like we are stuck, or just not connected to the Pure Essence of Life the way we could be. Things feel so complex and this is because we have lost our relationship to the important energy and insight that comes with an engaged relationship to the Oneness that we are a part of. Unshakeable resilience is real, but we must be willing to change our basic relationship to Life and Spirit.

We struggle because we have accepted other people’s ideas of who and how we should be. Our desires to fit, fix and flee the discomfort of life leads us to choices that confuse and drain us. We have a loss of energy or a lost connection to a Higher Source, so we often find ourselves questioning the meaning in our life, or doubting our intuition and sense of self.

In the age of digital dependance with an abundance of information and technical connection, we are left feeling more empty than ever and struggle to establish a deep sense of spiritual purpose and grounding.

We yearn to reconnect mindfully with what matters most, sensing the answers are within, but wishing for expert guidance to help us gain clarity.

Most of all, we yearn to find our authentic selves and live an authentic life.

Knowing that no matter what comes our way, high or low, that we can face it with resilience, self-mastery and a feeling of being guided.

We can live a Spirit Centered Life - each in our own way and by our own understanding. A truly Spiritual life embraces everything human, loves the world as it is, and knows what it means to be a compassionate agent of change.

We all feel the longing to know wholeness, vitality and inner strength that transcends the fires and floods of life. 

Bringing That Longing To Life Is Far Simpler Than Most People Know.

This Program Is For You If:

  • You want to mindfully reconnect with the things that matter to you the most. 
  • ​You can sense the answers you are looking for are within you and you just need to know how to get to them.
  • ​You want to live authentically and honor your personal truth.
  • ​You want to tap into a Source that brings you daily joy and energy.

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Bundle:


‘Super States Of Consciousness: How To Understand And Harness The Power Of The Seven Most Common & Important Spiritual Experiences’ 

A book that will take you on an adventure from the simple to the sublime and help you understand what informs the most inspiring teachers, healers and stories of transformation. 

30 Recorded Talks:

The Living Oneness Audio Collection

A carefully compiled audio collection to ensure that you are challenged, guided and take a proactive spiritually rooted approach to your life. The talks have each been created and delivered live in front of an audience. They are a quantum leap into the heart and mind of Awakening, offering healing insights, transformative lessons as well as comfort in difficult times.

Here’s The Full List of Titles Of 

The 30 Audios You Get In The Collection:

  • Spirit Centered Life
  • Awareness & Awakening
  • Facing the Fires of Life
  • Does God Love Us
  • What It Means to Welcome Everything
  • Diversity
  • From Ego to We Go
  • The Third Thing
  • Embrace
  • Awakening the Senses
  • Earth Day
  • Future of Love and Hope
  • Community Helps
  • What is Non-Violence?
  • Growing Community
  • Mother’s Day
  • Impermanence
  • How We Make a Better World Together
  • Love and Fear
  • Our True Home and Family
  • The Power of Psychological Safety
  • Inclusivity
  • Nature is My Beloved
  • Prayer Everywhere
  • The Everyday Power Of Interconnection
  • A New View on Love and Caring
  • Being You is Perfect
  • All the Wisdom We need
  • How to Master the Journey
  • Community Helps

12 x weekly 2-hour live zoom sessions

Custom classes where we will participate in teachings, meditations & dialogue.

PLUS You Will Get These Bonuses:


Seven Things You Should Have Been Told About Being Human


5 Keys To A Spiritually Centred Life

** During this class you will have free access to contact Dr. Jonathan for your personal questions and support.**

8 CD-Audio Course:

Spiritual Personality

A complete audio learning program from Sounds True that will help you to explore the world’s 12 master paths, your spiritual personality and who to discover the practices that are best for you. 

Get Over $1850 Value

for Just $450!

Why Should You Invest In This Program Today?

  • You have a master teacher and guide who has helped Grammy and Academy award-winning celebrities, spiritual healers and teachers, and people from all walks of life over 25 years, at the click of a button helping you get where you want to be.
  • You will be able to watch and experience how you evolve over time.
  • ​You will be able to align with yourself and discover what it is you are meant to be doing with your life.
  • ​You want to feel whole and complete and live true to yourself.
  • ​You want to be able to find balance in your life to master your relationship with stress, overwhelm and anxiety.
  • ​What you experience in 90 days will leave you with a lifetime of learning and endless possibilities to explore in yourself.

If all this program is able to do is help you explore and discover mindfulness, love, connection and conscious living in this challenging time of loss, distress, and change - wouldn’t it be worth it?

Wouldn’t it feel great to realign yourself and connect with your Source to draw energy and joy from on a daily basis?

Let’s not forget that being able to awaken to your own wholeness and compassionate authenticity is not only possible but a necessity as our world faces the need to evolve and connect for the highest good of all - as soon as possible!

Take a look at what others who have participated in a similar program with Dr. Jonathan have to say...

I have experienced many teachers, healers, and inspirational leaders over the years, but no one has touched us and enlightened us as much as Jonathan. His depth, compassion, humor, and rare insights into this journey we're all on are unparalleled.

DB Colorado

Jonathan Ellerby is a true master teacher and a talented facilitator who leads with both a good Heart and a brilliant Mind in a beautiful balance. I highly recommend him and his workshops.

Dr. Kenneth Harriss

Jonathan is an articulate, clear minded and funny speaker – a joy to listen to. He is flexible and open to including diverse ideas and disciplines, and has a great capacity for creativity when needed, using music, meditation and even indigenous practices. Amazing.

Jennifer Kelly

Jonathan has the very special ability to open hearts and minds to a greater awareness of what really matters, and creates a new community of people who were previously strangers. His ability to connect people to themselves and each other is an incredible and important talent today.

Michael Rogers

Explore your deepest capacity for love, wholeness and spiritual growth through 

This Custom 90-Day Spiritual Support & Exploration Group With Dr. Ellerby.

Don’t Pay $1850

You Pay Only $450

Do You Have Questions?

What do you need to download the audios?
You can use any device that is compatible to play the audios. You also have the choice of streaming the audios from inside the membership area or downloading them to your device depending on your needs.
Do you offer additional guidance and support?
Absolutely. I’m here to offer as much help as is needed. People can engage with me and send questions through Facebook, Instagram or by email too.
What happens if I don’t feel any difference or change from listening to the audios?
If you’re not fully satisfied or don’t feel you understand the power of the audio programs, you can contact me personally with questions and for support.
Can the audios be put onto any device?
Yes, the audios can be put onto any device that supports the format. Use them on the go on devices or on your mobile phone/computer/laptop - the choice is yours. 

Don’t Pay $1850

You Pay Only $450

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